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High Offley Stud offers an Equine NST workshop on the 16th Feb 2002 with Justina Cook who holds a Masters in Clinical Sports Massage and is qualified in Bowen Technique, Sports Injury Management. Justina’s theory and practical training began in the UK, followed by advanced studies in Equine NST in Geneva, Switzerland.

Equine NST (Neurostrtuctural Integration Technique) is an advanced & very powerful form of Bowen Therapy. A very dynamic technique, which treats the entire body & works on many levels. It can help the horse both physically, mentally & emotionally. It is non-invasive & non-manipulative, & can help to bring about a positive response to muscular, organic, respiratory & glandular conditions.

Equine NST is an ideal therapy to bring about optimum health & function within the body. It can be used as a preventative measure in a similar way that sports massage is used by athletes.

Equine NST consists of gentle (but firm) rolling moves, which are performed in sequence over specific points of muscle facia. Energy flows are stimulated & balanced, initiating the healing process. The body is encouraged to realign itself, bringing about rapid and lasting relief from pain or discomfort. Equine NST gives the opportunity to bring about balance & well being for the whole horse.

What problems can Equine NST help with

Muscular Problems Respiratory problems & allergies
Back & Neck Pains Helps to speed up wound healing
Skeletal/Structural problems Hormone Imbalance
Speeds up recovery from competition Sudden changes in temperament
Cold/flu, virus problems Removal of toxins & lactic acid
Mental & emotional problems Degenerative & growth disorders
Lymphatic problems Boosts immune system

Equine NST can also help to improve your horses performance. Many riders find that their horse / pony is much freer after treatment, their paces become more elastic. Flexibility is also improved & the horses tend to feel more balanced. Some common problems like tilting the nose, lack of straightness through the body 7 uneven length of stride can disappear. Some riders have also commented that their horse seems to be able to cope with more work both physically and mentally. Equine NST is also good for a preventative measure similar to how sports massage is used by athletes.

Equine NST is only performed with your veterinary surgeons prior permission. Equine NST does not replace, or intend to replace veterinary treatment.

Any horse / pony can benefit from equine NST, from Shetlands to Shires & from horses kept purely for enjoyment to top-level competition horses.


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