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Fernando - Coloured Showjumping Stallion


Kannan x Samber
If you are looking for a coloured stallions but don’t want to compromise on your sport horse pedigree, look no further. Fernando is a stallion with some of the finest bloodlines available sired by the great Kannan out of a brood mare who has already bred successful mother of sport horses and a direct daughter of the legendary coloured warmblood stallion Samber.

Kannan StallionKannan has one of the finest pedigree`s available who passport reads like a who`s who of European show jumping with names such as Nimmerdor, Voltaire, Furioso, Farn, Le Mexico, Gotthard and many others all of whom have made there mark producing countless top international show jumpers. From the long list of show jumping horses produced from Kannan`s impressive genes he himself stands out from the crowed, having an impressive record in the show jumping arena.

From a young age Kannan showed himself to be an outstanding competition horse winning the Classic Circuit at 6 and then winning the Belgian 7 year old champion the following year. Kannan has competed in many grand prix competitions with some great results that includes winning the Deauville Grand Prix and wins at Paris Bercy and Jardy. Kannan was a regular member of the French national team with Michael Hecart and was a member of the winning French nations cup team in 2003 and 2004. In 2005 Kannan won the French national championship. As well as an impressive competition record Kannan has also become a legendary breeding stallion who has proved popular with the show jumping breeders of the world attracting some of the finest brood mares available. Progeny of Kannan include 2011 Pan-American Games bronze medal winner, Bridget. A Pikachu de Muze winner of the world breeding championships as a 6 year old. In all Kannan has produced 217 horses jumping internationally and is ranked as one of the best producers of showjumping horses in the world.

Samber -  Coloured StallionIf you traveled all of Europe you would not find a better coloured mare ” We believe her to be one of only 4 coloured mares ever to have attained the coveted predicate “Preferent Sport Elite” by the KWPN. This has been awarded for her pedigree, faultless x/rays, excellent conformation, proven capability in the sport arena and most important for her many graded off springs that have gone on to compete and be awarded high predicates themselves. Two of her young stock sold for huge amounts one being produced as a graded warmblood stallion standing in the USA. This wonderful mare always stamps herself on her amazing quality offspring’s. 

Grand sire Samber is a legend for the KWPN studbook, the first coloured horse to gain approval he has help produce quality coloured sport horses for show jumping, dressage, eventing as well as other equestrian sports. Samber himself was a successful sport horse competing in both dressage and show jumping.

But it is a sire Samber really made a name for him self producing a long list of coloured sport horses that includes the approved stallion Sambucco B, dressage stallion Sambertino, international dressage horse United Colours and the list goes on. More often than not when you see a coloured horse competing successfully in the competition arena it will have Samber in its pedigree some where.

Kannan Voltaire Furioso II
Gogo Mover
Cementa Nimmerdor
Jorinde Samber Pericles xx
Tina D
Ceratina Ronald

High Offley Fernando showed promise as a sport horse from an early age winning in the showing classes on the county circuit in both sport horse classes and coloured showing classes. High Offley Fernando has progressed through the showjumping ranks and is now jumping in 1.30m and 1.40m competitions. Fernando has been used extensively by British breeders who were excited about his jumping ability and his coloured genes, he has nearly a 100% coloured progeny record having been used on many plain coloured mares, his eldest progeny are due to come out competing this year and we are excited about how they are follow in his footsteps.


Coloured Stallion - Fernando (Kannan x Samber)

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Crocodile Dundy Z

Crocodile Dundy - Show Jumping Stallion

Crocodile Dundy Z

Carthago Z x Ramiro Z x Saros xx

Crocodile Dundy Z is sired by two time Olympic stallion Carthago Z, along with Jos Lansink jumped at the Sydney Olympics as well as the Atlanta Olympics, he also won team bronze at the European Championships. Along with Jos Lansink Carthago Z jumped many world cup qualifiers, grand prix`s and nation cups.

As a breeding stallion Carthago Z was one of Zangersheide studs elite stallions, making him one of Europe`s most popular stallions attracting some of the top brood mares from serious breeders of sport horses. Carthago Z has produced many excellent showjumpers and are highl sought after by many international riders, progeny include Lady Carthago (Angelique Hoorn), Carlot III (Maria Sundberg}, Haddon House Carlson {Michael Whitaker} and VDL Groep Spiga (Leopold Van Asten} amongst many other numerous showjumping horses.

Maternal grand sire Ramiro Z is one of the worlds legendary bloodlines, with Ramiro Z in many pedigree`s of international showjumpers, dressage horses and breeding horses. Progeny of Ramiro Z include Ratina Z who is one of the worlds most successful horses, winning two Olympic gold medals, as well as other prestigious championships including the world cup final.

Crocodile Dundy Z is a handsome grey stallion with all the attributes to be successful in the show jumping arena, with proven ability Crocodile Dundy had some excellent results jumping 1.30m with ease. As well as being a talented competition stallion Crocodile Dundy Z is proving himself as a breeding stallion with offspring already competing with a great deal of success. Here at High Offley Stud we have used Crocodile Dundy Z on a number of mares, with foals and young horses available for viewing when visiting Crocodile Dundy. Some of the older progeny of Crocodile Dundy Z is Le Croc a six ear old who is currently jumping Foxhunter competitions. His progeny are very trainable and have the ability to excel in any equestrian spheres.


Imported to the UK by High Offley Stud as a 3 year old, Carlston is a an exciting stallion for this season, with an impressive pedigree he is sired by Nubalou W.Z (Numero Uno x Balout du Rouet) who is a eight year old jumping internationally in 1.50m competitions with German rider Toni Hassman. Carlston mother is a daughter of the great Lux Z who was one of the worlds leading jumping horses ridden by Stallion rider Jerry Smitt.


Carlston - 3 Year Old Stallion

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Nubalou W.Z Numero Uno Libero H
Bodina W Balou du Rouet
Lady Lux Lux Z Lord Calando
Apocalypte Z
Gran Cocorna Grannus

Past Stallions

High Offley Stud have a long history of offering excellent stallions for British breeders, with excellent competition records and the finest bloodlines from around the world.

Sunnora Son

Sunnora Son - Showjumping Stallion

Sunnora Son

Its The Business x Sunnora

Sunnora Son has become a local legend around Staffordshire and the local area, after a long show jumping career Sunnora Son became a a favorite. Sunnora Son started his career competed by Derek Morton and Geoff Glazzard and qualified for Horse of the year show in Wembley for the British Novice with Derek Morton and the Newcomers final with Geoff Glazzard. High Offley Stud purchased Sunny as a 7 year old and was rarely out of the winning line up. In 20 he began his international career, traveling to compete on the Spanish Sunshine Tour, in 2001 he was part of the winning pair at the Scope Festival again showing his ability against the clock. Sunnora Son is a Grade A show jumper and registered with the Anglo European Studbook and one of the leading British bred stallions.

Sunnora Son is very popular breeding stallion and his progeny is highly sought after and can be regularly be seen. Leading offspring of Sunnora Son includes Temple Ryefield who was competed in grand prix`s with Paul Barker another successful son of Sunnora Son is Sunny Boy II who became an advanced event horse.

Sunnora Son has an excellent pedigree with both parents being international grand prix horses, mother Sunnora was an Irish mare who jumped world cups with Steven Hadley and internationally with Geoff Glazzard, Sunnora was known for his fantastic temperament and jumping ability.

Sire Its the Business is a Dutch warmblood stallion who`s career was cut short at the age of nine because of injury, but even so had career earning of over £30,000. In 1994 he won the three major indoor winter Championships, Toggi EPD, and Parkes. He also won the special stallion jumping championship at Valkenswaard in Holland where It’s the Business beat Europe’s top 35 showjumping stallions.

Arturo 8

Arturo 8 - German Stallion

Arturo 8

Athlet Z x Lord x Ramiro Z

As a breeding stallion Arturo 8 has everything, attractive, excellent movement, scope, fantastic pedigree and a proven record in the show jumping ring as well as progeny competing at the highest levels.

Arturo 8 is sired by the great Athlet Z who possessed a mix of bloodlines from Europe’s leading stud books, his sire was the best the selle francais could offer being the legendary Alme, sire of Jalisco B and Galoubet. His mother brought the best German bloodlines a Hanoverian mare by Gotthard. Athlet himself was well supported by breeders and he repaid their faith with many fantastic sport horses especially in the field of show jumping. progeny of Athlet Z include Montreal (Wim Schröder), Argentinus (Otto Becker), Avion (Werner Peters & Ludger Beerbaum), Amadeus (Lars Nieberg), Athlet (Willi Melliger), Andolph (Claudia Vasall), and Valeska (Dr. Michael Rüping).

The mother of Arturo 8 is equally impressive sired by one of the all time greats Ramiro Z out of a Lord mare. Arturo`s mother Wodka has an impressive record as a brood mare, breeding 3 approved stallions all of which jumped internationally in grand prix competitions. As well as Arturo 8, Wodka is also the mother of Sandstone Conway (Caretino) who jumped in the USA and Clearway a stallion who jumped around Europe and building a reputation through a large number of progeny catching the eye of some of the top show jumping riders.

Arturo 8 not only has a fantastic pedigree, his jumping record is one that matches wins on the national and international tour Arturo 8 was competed b Candice King, Geoff Glazzard and Geoff Billington.

Arturo 8 has sired a number of great horses that includes High Offley Arturo 9 an approved stallion who jumps internationally and has competed on the global champions tour. High Offley Fleur (Chad Fellows) and Arturo`s Catch (Jay Buxton) who are both jumping grand prix`s and jumped internationally. Other progeny from Arturo 8 includes Arcus who passed his 100 day performance test. Arturo`s Son who was a leading young horse in Germany before continuing on to jump internationally. Arturo 8 offspring all have excellent temperaments with athletic ability to compete in almost any equestrian sport.

Frou Frou D`anchin

Frou Frou D`anchin - French Stallion

Frou Frou D`anchin

Rivage Du Poncel x Grand Veneur

Frou Frou D`anchin is a selle francais stallion that proved himself as a showjumper, dressage horse and breeding stallion. When High Offley Stud imported this handsome French stallion into the UK we were bringing a talented performance horse with some of the finest selle francais breeding available.

Frou Frou D`anchin was sired by the Uriel stallion Rivage du Poncel who held the record for 29 consecutive clear rounds as a young horse, before embarking on an excellent international career, jumping at St Gall, Aachen, Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva, WCSI of Bercy and Cannes among many others. The mother line of Frou Frou D`anchin is Grand Veneur who is the foundation stallion at the head of a huge dynasty of French jumping horse, with progeny that includes the great Le Tot De Semilly who is a sire of many show jumping legends.

With a pedigree as steeped in French greats as Frou Frou D`anchin is was a sign that he would be a successful sport horse sire himself, as a young horse he toured Europe jumping in many major young horse classes and championships while progressing up to grand prix event. High Offley Stud purchased him in 2002 and after an exciting beginning he suffered an injury that put him on the side lines for over a year, on his recovery he came back jumping and winning but unfortunately suffered a recurrence of the injury, after another period of recovery we decided to stop his jumping career and instead started training him for Dressage which he was contently placed against horses with much more experience in the dressage arena. While juggling these to sport careers Frou Frou D`anchin was also a popular breeding stallion attracting many brood mares, the horses the Frou Frou has produced have proven themselves in the competition ring and true to type to the French selle francais breed. Unfortunately we lost Frou Frou Danchin in the summer of 2014 but we still have a strong influence of his bloodline both at High Offley Stud and the surrounding area.

Arturo 9

Arturo9 - Home Bred Stallion

Arturo 9

Arturo 8 x Sultan

Bred at High Offley Stud Arturo 9 is a fine example of out breeding program sired by our own stallion Arturo 8 (Athlet Z x Lord x Ramiro Z) who had a fantastic pedigree and competed internationally. Arturo 9 is out of LA Bohem a stunning brood mare who also had a proven competition record on the international jumping circuit. LA Bohem pedigree is also very impressive sired by Sultan who is also the farther to the two time olympic show jumper Its Otto. As well as Arturo 9 La Bohem was also a mother of another approved stallion Bohemian Business who was jumped by Louise Saywell and Mat Sampson.

Arturo 9 was jumped as a young horse by Paul Simms and Robert Bevis. In the show jumping arena Arturo 9 really shone and it was not long before he started attracting attention and was sold to olympic riders Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton. Arturo 9 continued to show promise in the show jumping arena jumping in the USA and went on to compete on the international jumping circuit including the global champions tour.

Stallion Graded With AES
High Offley Stud had a successful day at the Anglo European Studbook (AES) stallion grading at Solihull. Crocodile Dundy Z was graded under saddle jumping a course of 1.10m. We also took a 3 year old stallion by Espri on behalf of Old Lodge stud who was shown loose and achieved licensed status.

There were 55 stallions presented with 75% failing the grading so for us to present 2 stallions and for them both to get graded is a good day at the office.