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Artificial Insemination Technician

Advanced technology has allowed many horse owners to explore different options when breeding sports horses. 

Artificial insemination is used in horses to propagate certain traits of one male to many females or to overcome breeding problems.  The semen is collected, extended, then cooled or frozen.  The semen can be shipped to the female or can be used on-site.  The frozen semen is stored in what is referred to as a “straw.”  This keeps the sperm viable during the time before and after it is frozen. 

Artificial insemination has several advantages over natural methods and surprisingly.  The stallion and mare don’t have to come in contact with one another, therefore reduces accidents during the breeding process, for instance, the mare kicking the stallion.  Artificial insemination offers international horse breeding to the world.  This procedure also prevents stress on the mare due to being transported to the stallion.  

Airtificial insemination enables sports horse breeders to use some of the finest breeding stallions from around the world, it also allow a competition stallion to continue his carrear in show jumping, dressage or eventing.

Many of High Offley Stud Stallions are available via artificial insemination, Yard manager Amanda Howell also has many year experience in sports horse breeding and is a trained Airtificial insemination Technician

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High Offley Stud has a selection of top quality breeding stallions to choose from Froufrou D’anchin, Sunnora's Sun, Arturo 9 and Crocodile Dundy Z. All High Offley Stud stallions have excellent breeding and characteristics to excel as a sports horse in a variety of different spheres whether it be show jumping, dressage or eventing. Using our stallions could help you produce quality young stock for the future.