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Horse Sponsors
Showjumping, like any equestrian sport, is extremely demanding financially, and High Offley Stud are always looking for sponsors to support our stud farm operations and help them maintain and expand our current training and breeding endeavors.

Every aspect of High Offley Studs business is executed to the highest quality - from training, to coaching, to competing – and as a sponsor you or your company will have the opportunity to be affiliated with that exceptional quality.

Similarly, having already achieved veteran status at the highest level of showjumping on an international scale, we have earned the respect of the equestrian community, and our endorsement will be a strong force in promoting your products or company. Sponsorship opportunities in the form of horse ownership or partnership also exist and offer an exciting opportunity to help us produce world-class horses, something they have proven to be capable of. There is also potential for financial benefit in the form of a horse`s earnings or profit upon sale.

Please contact us if you have a quality product that would fit well with our current sponsors, or if you are interested in becoming an owner or partner.

Sponsors Of High Offley Stud

Stable Express - Website design and social media managers for High Offley Stud, Stableexpress have helped us create a web presence that reaches hundreds of thousands of horse lovers each month, this is great for us, but can also help any prospective partners or sponsors of High Offley Stud. If you are looking to develop your online pressence and reach potential new constumers, we can recommend getting in touch with Stable Express.

High Offley Stud are looking for potential sponsors for horse bedding, horse feed and horse wormers.

Sponsorship For Horse Riders

High Offley Stud are lucky to have an excellent young rider who we partner with, Liam Pattrick Fitzgerald produces our young horses as well as competing up to grand prix level, if you would like to help and encourage a talented young rider progress in the sport, please get in touch with us with proposals of potential sponsorship or partnership offers.

Liam Pattrick Fitzgerald