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Dressage Riders

Find Profiles on the leading riders from all the major equestrian disiplines, showjumping, dressage, eventing, horse riding, showing and many others.
  Helena Andreyava

  Alvaro Rodriguez GarcăA

  Alvaro Xavier Ortiz Ribadenira

  Mary Ruth Marks

  Elizabeth Lewis

  Eva Perry

  Alina Sievers

  Patricia Falk

  Anastasiia Fedotova

  Scott Hassler

  Yelena Petushkova

  Vera Misevich

  Anna Westergaard Jensen

  Kyra Downton

  Tamsyn Hutchins

  Carolina Usandizaga

  Charlotte Verhesen

  Julia Beckfeld

  Olga Nasedkina

  Claudia Rassmann

  Yauheniya Semianchukova

  Janusz Bogucki

  Kim Yacobucci

  Alexandra Wassmer

  Megan Kersten

  Chelsea Kaplan

  Mauro Roman

  Radu Marcoci

  Hugo Pereira Custodio

  Rudolf Widmann

  Anna-Luisa Waldherr

  Kate Attlee

  Rebecca Bates

  Jan Ebeling

  Hiroyuki Ogawa

  Joyce Lenaerts

  Dafni-Maria Sachinoglou

  Diana Wăœnschek

  Anika Von Holdt

  Linda Vuorela

  Thibault Stoclin

  Julia Vorotnikova

  Marie-Louise Larsen

  Anastasia Kuznetsova

  Brianna Zwilling

  Jessica Bryant

  Suzanne Both

  Annemarie Hackel

  Veronica Malberti

  Alexandra Nagurskaja

  Tine Zinglersen - Drehn

  Zoe Teresa Cain

  Jeanne Karver

  Fredrikke Dorati Bjerkă…Sholmen

  Brenna Kucinski

  Heather Sanders

  Jasmin Jaklic

  Courtney Johnson-Amritt

  AntăłNio JoăŁO Garcia Soares

  Robyn Weston

  Luis Reteguiz-Denizard

  Susanne Hamilton

  Natalie Ottiger

  Sune Hansen

  Deborah Knopfler

  Theresa Meyer

  Oliver Oelrich

  Alexandra Duncan

  Alain Francois

  Isabel Auer

  Karl Mikolka

  Silvia Iklé

  Jeanine Fiechter

  Anne-Claire Bongers

  Thibault Vandenberghe

  Crystal Kroetch

  Lauren Hadley

  Isabella Willibald

  Sharon Merkel-Beattie

  Jordan Farr

  Nicole Kullen

  Danielle Hau

  Sylvie Poulain

  Jordan-Lee De Villiers

  Ben Carr

  Susan Kolstad

  Andrew Gould

  Karen Allen

  Sofia Silva Pinto

  Pavel Ć Temberger

  Eeva-Liisa Vuolle

  Pagan Gilman

  Christopher Taylor

  Nadzeya Smolskaya

  Alvaro San Emeterio Gallego

  Hans-Peter Klaus

  Elisa Plebani

  Emily Kannenstine

  Laura Peperhowe

  Peter Koch

  Marcos Fernandes Alves

  Erik Balasch GonzăLez

  Demy Kurstjens

  Alicia Laura Griffths

  Cosima Kă–Stler

  Andrej Penko


  Isabel Ruthert

  Daisy Palmer-Kraul

  Eduardo Schlup

  Nuno Vicente

  Airisa Penele

  Denielle Gallagher-LeGriffon

  Isabella Rodriguez

  Kamila Rupiewicz

  Emma Knoppel

  Barnes Jodie

  Jialiang Wang

  Vera Galtung

  Petra Logger Beers

  Morihito Nomura

  Camilla Blicher

  Nicole Sanders

  Katrina Hiller

  Antonio Rivera Galarza

  Debbie Barke

  Alina Trukhacheva

  Kirsten Teeuwen

  Marcin Kural

  Jordi Domingo Coll

  Josephine Eley

  Janne Rumbough

  Joyce Rhee Van

  Tia Mutikainen

  Wendy Fryke

  Ursula Lange

  Sharon Field

  Antonio Victor Marcari Oliva

  Emily Staadecker

  Patrick Tigchelaar

  Birgit Fabris Sauer

  Alexandra Ebertfrăœnd

  Heather Hopfensperger

  Stella Hagelstam

  Celia Schmadl

  Stefanie Wurm

  Janna Bakhramova

  Rhett Bird

  Juan Andres Rodriguez Silva

  Sigrid Rui

  Marjolein Burgers

  Jackie Winspear

  Gwen Hegdal

  Mary Lauritsen

  Shaun Mclaughlin

  Sarah Magbee

  P.J. Rizvi

  Lynda Alicki

  Lina Sofie Bă–Ckmann

  Phillip Vermeulen

  Kikko Kalliokoski

  Victor Alvarez

  Ellesse Tzinberg

  Anna Catani

  Manuel Veiga

  Jessica Werndl

  Lotte Skjaerbaek

  Friederike Hahn

  Tosha Zubrisky

  Stephanie Dearing

  Sallie Spenard

  Gillian Duke

  Julie De Deken

  Rhiannon Edwards

  Jaroslaw Wierzchowski

  Shelly Reichart

  Shari Glickman

  Pernille Sumborg Christensen

  Andreas Pallisch

  Sergey Nazarenko

  Diana Mukpo

  Alexandra Budai

  Annemiek Vincourt

  Danitsja Rientjes

  Bruno Greber

  Antje Hell

  Hannah Schă„R

  Roberta Foster

  Simone Ahlers Pedersen

  Daniel Sherriff

  Major General Jonathan Burton

  Christopher Sharpe

  Emiko Kokubo

  Rosie Andrews

  Daniela Nilsson

  Johan Roodt

  Lucia Schwetmann

  Mira Rantalainen

  Michelle Reilly

  Emmanuelle De Denaro

  Simonne Staub

  Willow Kemp

  Charlotte Esping

  Andreas Helgstrand

  Jessica Leijser

  Hamam Bader Al Abdulla

  Won-Jae Hong

  Jarissa Silfhout

  Miguel Anacoreta

  Emma Blundell

  Peter Gray

  Lisa Wernitznig

  Anders Dahl

  Mario Anibal Polari

  Georgina Somerset

  Maria Julia Blauth

  Tereza Habova

  Sofie Lă–Nn

  Hannelore Volders

  Paul Darragh

  Alexandra Hardwick

  Ricardo Ramalho

  Anna Svefors

  Elin Brenden

  Michael George Eilberg

  Barbara Grassmyer

  Tracey Lee

  Sue-Ellen Lovett

  Kelli M Newton

  Hanna Sevens

  Dori Lecroy

  Marianne Gossweiler

  Julianne Craig

  Sabine Dăœrrheim

  MarăA Brito Armas

  Cecile Legallais

  Silke Rembacz

  Julia Knickenberg

  Federica Scolari

  Samantha Bartlett

  Eric van Boxmeer

  Karoline Valenta

  Kasey Cannon

  Kathryn King Johnson

  Marie Helene Syre

  Melanie Mackey

  Swea Maria Schoening

  Courtney Massie

  Whitney Harris

  Ernst Lindenbauer

  Carlotta Canevese

  Kate Marfleet

  Grete Linnemann

  Teresa Tomaszewska

  Heather Jeffers

  Virginia Yarur

  Darya Papova

  Slavisa Jovic

  Sean Sierra Keasler

  Silvia Lucia Boer Moreira

  Jenny Christensson

  Micol Rustignoli

  Kathrin Nothofer

  Isabelle Bouvier

  Sarah Kay Hăœbner

  Natalie Merritt

  Patrycja Gepner

  Maria Wennerstrand

  Georgie Somerset

  Lotten Aronsson

  Tim Koch

  Charlotte Emily Fill

  Friederike Rehkamp

  Jessica Costello

  Elena Volchenkova

  Susan Gohl

  Dirk Dijkstra

  Samantha Hodgson

  Arjen Teeuwissen

  Christian Forlini

  Michael Shondel

  Angela Van Den Berg

  Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann

  Katharina Stumpf

  Susanna Wade

  Julia Filippova

  Jessica Buchanan

  Jennifer Sommerville

  Jason James

  Doreen Adam

  Dimity Lourey

  Christina Ossner

  Simone Williams

  Hans Joergen Norgaard

  Briana Burgess

  Michael Von Gneisenau

  Catarina Kemper

  Olga Sirog

  Eva Maria Pracht

  Hannah-Louise Dodd

  Danielle Campbell

  Jeanne Lukito

  Angela Fergusson

  Ashlea Day

  Jasmine Theilgaard

  Stephen Kenneth Wagland

  Tor Van Den Berge

  Anna Lysyak

  Annemiek Van Der Vorm

  Kate Taylor-Wheat

  Hannah Michaels

  Josefine Smedberg

  Ilectra Sergentani

  Paul Drake

  Sarah Turner

  Els Jansen

  Ashleigh Henwood

  Kelly Ryan

  Maarit Raiskio

  Yonatan Dresler

  Maria Olivan Fernandez

  Johanna Heikkilă„

  Kristina Engelhardt

  Mia Joy

  Jessica Krieg

  Wendy Shugol

  Beth Balotescu

  Anette Christensson

  Carolina Espinosa

  Anni Rossy

  Judith Pietersen

  Tabitha Fisher

  Mauricio Sanchez

  Sarah Hughes

  Suzanne Van Cuyk

  Tuula Aer

  Donna Richardson

  Samantha Williams

  Aliaksandra Danialian

  Lia Kaeppeli

  PatrăCia Villela Marino

  Nicole Levy

  Maria Angelica Romero

  Darryl Thickett

  Kathrin Gerber

  Marrigje Van Baalen

  Maria Van Dungen

  Laura Pedrina

  Elif Găœleă‡

  Anna Ivanova

  Todd Flettrich

  Hannah Appleton

  Marisol Elizalde Pierguidi

  Tracey Hill

  Carol Lucas

  Eva Wittmann-Ott

  Lucia Martinello

  Andrea Landy - Silling

  Markus Graf

  Ahmad Imtaz Amir Hamzah

  Nastassia Karelina

  JăŒRgen Hă–Fler

  Rachel Nell

  Domagoj Maruć Ic

  Damian Hallam

  Alex Garrett

  John Macpherson

  Boris Zrmanjac

  Ida Kristoffersson

  Elizabeth Temkin

  Rebekah Wesatzke

  Pedro Gonzales Kuhn

  Alexandra Kipping

  Silvia Foerde

  Dianna Lange

  Alvin Moore

  Nadejda Carpova

  Alina Faupl

  Suzanne Dansby - Phelps

  Jerome L. Ferro

  Elizabeth Allen

  Cindy Van De Berg

  Yuliya Kruhlaya

  Darcus Lever

  Marcy Chapman

  Mary Sharman

  Sabine Leiding

  Gilles Moussu

  Ekaterina Sakharova

  Roli Roachford

  Myriam Victor Thomas

  Pablo Raya

  Anne Haecker

  Wendi Williamson

  Karen Brain

  Sarah Ulrich

  Anne Sophie Juglaret

  Amelie Wanda Worschech

  Pierre Subileau

  Alyona Kvashina

  Sadie Kathryn Lahey

  Leonie Belz

  Victoria Welch

  Maria Ruiz Fernando

  Tiffany Busch

  Katherine Abrams

  Rebecca Jayne Walshe Forrest

  Judi Coyne

  Elizabeth Wilson

  Wilfried Bechtolsheimer

  Stephanie Pair

  Louise Almlund

  Frank Răœhl

  Tahnee Waelkens

  Ryan Yap

  Caroline B. Smidt

  Laine Hills

  Kate Boyes

  Martyna Musial

  Emily Lawes

  Muriel Leonardi

  Philippe Maynier

  Jose MarăA Sanchez Cobos

  Kerstin Larsson Englund

  Timo Rokkanen

  Julia-Katharina Von Platen

  Natalia Markowska

  Lone Jorgensen

  Hermann Linkenbach

  Sara Winkleman

  Courtney Briones

  Vladimir Simeonov

  Sue Bradshaw

  Pippa Hutton

  Erin Hoverson

  Alexandra Jurjewna Korelowa

  Daniă«Lle Keur

  Pascal Jean

  Fanoula Stafilopati

  Olga Podlepnyuk

  Martina Knill

  Jolan Lăœbbecke

  Olga Shunevich

  Petra Peterlin

  Julia Mestern

  Kaja Schă„Fer

  Johannes Răœben

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