Belgian Heavy Horses

The Belgian heavy draft horse originate from Brabantian / Brabant region of Belgium. World renowned for there strength they often grow to weigh over 1 ton and grow in excess of 18hh.

belgian draft horse for sale uk The largest Belgian heavy horse recorded is Brooklyn Supreme, who stood at 19.2hh and weighed over 3,200 pounds.

Brooklyn Supreme - belgian heavy horse

Belgian draft horses were work horses used for logging, and transporting. In todays world these horses take part in pulling competitions, showcasing there extreme strength, in teams of two Belgian heavy horses have pulled 17,000 pounds. Below you can watch the strength of a Belgian heavy horse Petra.

The foundation stock of Belgian heavy draft horses were commony known as Brabant, In the 1887`s the Belgian draft horse breed were imported to the USA and were bred to taller lighter bodied horses so we can see a bit of a divorgence between the European Belgian heavy horses and the breed found in the USA. The Belgian draft horse is the most numerous heavy horse breed in the USA, registered with the American Association of Importers and Breeders of Belgian Draft Horses.

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